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Tips for Toefl Integrated Writing Task One


There are two types of Integrated Task questions. In one type, the reading will state a main topic supported by three to five main points with related details, and the listening passage will have the same main topic, matching the reading point for point. The reading often states some kind of theory, while in the listening the professor states what actually happened. The points from the listening will either support or oppose the reading passage. Taking your notes using the structure illustrated below will help you to state your relationships accurately. Notice that the main points are numbered on the listening side only. When responding, make sure that you structure your response in the order the information comes in the LISTENING section for this type of question. Be sure to mark whether the listening passage supports or opposes the reading passage.

Supports — “Main Topic” — Opposed

Reading Listening MP: RMP 1: Detail: Detail: MP: RMP 2: Detail: Detail: MP: RMP 3: Detail: Detail: MP: RMP 4: Detail: Detail: * MP = Main Point / RMP = Related Main Point



If your reading passage is in the form of a main topic followed by several related main points, begin your essay with a paragraph that briefly summarizes both the reading and listening passages that clearly states the relationship between the two. Follow the first paragraph with a separate paragraph for each main topic. Write the body paragraphs in the order the information appears in the listening section, and be sure to state the relationships between the reading and listening sections for each main point. When complete, this essay will have an introduction paragraph and a body paragraph for each main point. In other words, three main points mean three body paragraphs, or four paragraphs total with the introduction.


  1. Do not copy any information from either passage word for word.
  2. You must accurately compare the main points from the Reading Section to the related main points in the Listening Section.
  3. State information accurately and in the order it appears in the passages.
  4. Use the rules of POE to write your essay. Do not give your opinion. Do not exaggerate any information from the passages. Do not add anything. In other words, do not write about things not mentioned in either of the passages. Do not leave out any important information. And finally, do not alter any information from the passages.
  5. You must use connection words and phrases to connect ideas.
  6. You must use proper grammar and vocabulary

Integrated Writing Passage Structure Type #1

The structure for this type of Integrated Writing Task will contain three to five main points in the reading passage and as many related points in the listening passage. When writing your essay, begin with an introductory paragraph that summarizes each passage and clearly states the relationship between the two. Following the introduction, write a separate paragraph for each main point in the order they appeared in the listening passage. Be sure to include the related information from the reading passage in each paragraph and to state the relationship between the two points.

In other words, if your passages have three main points, your essay should contain four paragraphs.

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